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An underwater journey to accompany different species taht inhabit our oceans, to understand their habits and routines and how are afected by the many problems they are facing in this 21st Century.


According to different studies, the melting of the Arctic is accurring so fast that by 2080 the globe will be drawn in a much different way as we know it now. 


Despite of the irreversible effects that this entails, the sea has a huge regeneration power but we have to help it.


In the series we talked about 11 problems that our seas are facing and so the sea life is affected. 


This series puts the spectator in front of the comsecuences that our acts can have in the future, comsecuences that are already being suffered. 


Sumerged Universe has a positive point of view since it is still possible to reverse the situation, but to do it we first have to face it. 


By enjoying the beauty of the daily life on the undersea inhabitants the spectator will for sure emphatise with them.



1.- The Ocean Lament


2.- Glass Prisons


3.- Plastic Sea


4.- Sponsored seas


5.- Broken Toys


6.- Snowy Bottoms


7.- Pelagic soup


8.- Dinamiting Refuges


9.- Artificial Feeding


10.- Industrial Giants


11.- Excess of Nutrients


12.- Bulk Delicacies


13.- Rebirth from the Ashes


Director: Miguel Angel Cobo
Duration: 13x26'
Production year: 2017
Producer: Gran Angular Underwater Productions
Film format: HD