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Wild University combines the most spectacular and highest quality images of the natural world with varied didactic contents that will make the audience learn amazing facts of the fauna and curiosities of the most varied animals

  • Director Alvaro Mendoza
  • Duration 150x30
  • Production year 2017
  • Producer Movistar y Alvaro Mendoza
  • Film format HD

In Panama over the last 20 years more than 30 soccer player have been murdered by gang problems.

  • Director Alberto Serra
  • Duration 1x56'
  • Production year 2017
  • Producer Alberto Serra
  • Film format HD
Best film at the Sport Film Festival 2017

A view to one of the most iconic wild places on Earth.

A portrait of the relationship between man and nature in one of the most iconic wild places on Earth. The narration of a Masai Mara in Kenya guide us through the natural epic events and spectacular wildlife with which he shares his land and reflects on our deep connection with the natural world

  • Director Nacho Ruíz
  • Duration 1x55'
  • Production year 2017
  • Producer Natura HD
  • Film format 2K

A unique way to to show automotive industry and cars in an all new way. A mixture of information, technology and entertainment.


  • Director TreeLine Distribution
  • Duration 10x24´
  • Film format HD

A documentary on the Spanish pilots who fought in the Spanish Civil War and the World War II to protect the oil well of Baku from the attacks of the Nazi army. It is the story of a group of men of action, full of courage and determination that deserved the right to be part of history.

  • Director Sagrario Perpiñán
  • Duration 55´
  • Production year 2013
  • Producer Volya Productions and Salname

An underwater journey to accompany different species taht inhabit our oceans, to understand their habits and routines and how are afected by the many problems they are facing in this 21st Century.


  • Director Miguel Angel Cobo
  • Duration 13x26'
  • Production year 2017
  • Producer Gran Angular Underwater Productions
  • Film format HD

 A botanical walk which submerges us in this fascinating green ocean.

  • Director Domingo Damián Ojeda
  • Duration 1x52'
  • Production year 2017
  • Producer Arena Films
  • Film format HD

A year of adventures in search of the peoples inhabiting the remotest parts of the Pacific.

  • Director Daniel Landa
  • Duration 10x52'
  • Production year 2016
  • Producer La Competencia y Doc & Road
  • Film format HD

STATUS OF LIFE gives an insight into the lives of four women from South Africa and neighbouring Lesotho.


They all share their desire to save lives by improving HIV/AIDS education, to break with the prevailing taboos and to liberate their country from the devastating pandemic.

  • Director Patricia Lewandowska
  • Duration 1x52'
  • Production year 2013
  • Film format HD