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The industrial development that brought improvements to our quality of life, that allowed the making of technical clothing to protect us from the cold, flame-retardants for computers, mobile phones and TV sets, coating for tinned food, non-stick coating for frying pans, and dental sealants, has also brought a group of toxic chemical compounds that are surrounding and invading us.


  • Director TreeLine Distribution
  • Duration 1x70’+1x52’ TV version

Great figures like Napoleon, Charles V, Beethoven or Goya have suffered from illnesses that have changed the course of history. Nowadays, some of these illnesses can be treated and have a cure, but back then they were responsible for Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, they made Beethoven change his style of composing, and prevented Shackleton from finishing his Antarctic conquest.


  • Director TreeLine Distribution
  • Duration 8x52’