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“One day all the newspapers started to talk about the economic crisis. They used the words in the same sense as usual but the words didn’t mean the same and the circumstances were different“.
This feature documentary film shows 4 different scenarios were the economy takes place. The stock exchange agents , a congress of management leadership, the city as a virtual space of a real state fair, a flee market where and old seller seems to refuse to sell.
What do they promise?
With her personal narrative style Mercedes Alvarez brings these stories and allows the spectator to take its own conclusions.

  • Director Mercedes Alvarez
  • Duration 1x100'
  • Production year 2011
  • Film format HD

“The Incredibles” tells the story of three everyday heroes: Broken Wing, The Iron Lady and Radioactive Woman. Three people who endure the adversities of life and who struggle against the most terrible villains: death, lovelessness and loneliness.

We accompany them in their daily lives of suffering and rejection. But they never bow their heads, carrying on fighting in the search for happiness, for they are heroes…

  • Director David Valero
  • Duration 1x90'
  • Producer FRIDA FILMS
  • Film format HD
Golden Tesela Award and The Special Jury Award at the 10th Alicante Film Festival.

It’s now over fifty years since the adventures of Juan Salvo, “El Eternauta” were first published.

The Argentine artist, Héctor Oesterheld –the scriptwriter-, created a highly metaphorical and political comic strip that took place in Buenos Aires, Unfortunately, he and his four daughters were sone of the victims of the military repression

But Elsa Sánchez, his partner and closest ally during many years is still with us.

  • Director Adán Aliaga
  • Duration 1x90'
  • Producer Frida Films
  • Film format HD